The Undertale parkour map is a fascinating map that, as you could tell from the name, has been based off the popular RPG of the same name and due to this you’ll see that the world of this game is quite reminiscent to that of the world of the RPG in terms of how it looks. It’s not necessarily a standout map since it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary and has fairly standard parkour gameplay but nonetheless, it’s pretty fun to play, and you’ll definitely like it a lot if you’re a fan of the game that it has been based off. You can download this version of Undertale parkour map here. An important thing to note about the Undertale map is that it’s a great choice if you’re a newbie parkour player and want to start off with something simple. This is mainly because the map is nowhere near as challenging as most parkour maps nowadays and has been designed to give players a more casual and laidback experience that they can enjoy without having to try their hardest. The pace of the map isn’t that fast, and the jumps are fairly easy to land so you will probably be able to get through it without dying too much. One noteworthy thing about the Undertale map is that it’s filled with multiple references to the game. If you’ve played the actual RPG, then you fill find a lot of secrets and references to it while playing through this map. The map has been designed to work with Minecraft 1.9.X, so if you use it with any other version of the game, you’ll probably run into a bunch of compatibility problems. As for the technical side of things, users haven’t reported any major bugs with this map so there’s a pretty low chance that you’ll run into any major game impacting problem.